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Easy Vocals- Jayne Marshall

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Easy Vocals- Jayne Marshall

Let Jayne Marshall release the potential in your singing voice" Jayne trains voices of all abilities and ages, from beginners to professional singers; for performing and audition techniques; Grades; special occasions; and simply for the pure joy of singing. Jayne is truly inspirational and whatever your requirements she will guide you with patience, care, ease, and understanding thus awakening your awareness of what you can truly be capable of.


"I have been a student of Jayne Marshall for some time. Jayne is immensely knowledgeable and perceptive, and very skilled in improving one's confidence in preparing one for performance. I have no hesistation in recommending her." 

"I love my lessons with Jayne. She found a voice I didn't think I had, let alone use; and a love of language and genuine enthusiasm which is infectious. Why didn't I do this years ago?" 

"I have known Jayne for some years now and am constantly amazed at her many and various skills in producing voices. She is a great achiever, works hard for all of us; listens and discusses with us our concerns where we encounter difficulties with certain areas of our voices; loves her work; genuinely cares; and is very encouraging."

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