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7 Cleeve Road, Downend, Bristol BS16 6AD

0117 9560805

0117 9560805


Dauphines of Bristol is the leading supplier of top-quality makeup and wigs. We have been in the theatrical business for a generation providing theatres, operatic societies, drama groups, facepainters and the public alike, with water-based makeup, cream makeup, camouflage, brushes, glitter... You name it, we supply it. Dauphines supply Nationally and Internationally to professional and amateur theatres, theatrical/operatic societies, television, catwalk, films also fashion for everyday use.

Wigs - For Hire

Why use a lace fronted wig?

This allows you to have the hair going straight back from the face. The lace that is used is very fine and does not show. Normally when using this type of wig you need to glue it to the face.

ONLY Spirit Gum and Spirit Gum Remover must be used. Nothing with a latex base should be used as this ruins the lace and it cannot be used again. At the present time the average replacement cost for a lace wig front is £700.00 so if you hire we ask you to use only the correct products. Any damage, be it a rip or mis-use of products will be regarded as damage and will be charged for.

Most of the time we hire out a wig that is hard fronted, but with careful styling (which we do) this can be camouflaged with the dressing of the style.

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We are based at 7 Cleeve Road, Downend, Bristol BS16 6AD.