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Creative Juice

Creative Juice enables individuals, groups and communities to make the most of their opportunities in the cultural sector.

Sure, but what do we actually do? 


• Work with clients to complete feasibility studies and business planning 

• Provide accountancy and bookkeeping services to companies, charities, productions, projects and individuals 

• Offer practical guidance on day-to-day issues for businesses 

• Help trouble-shoot issues for clients who find themselves in a tight spot

What makes us different? 

Crucially, we’re a not-for-profit organisation and all our surplus income is ploughed straight back into the cultural sector either by subsidising the cost of our services for less well-resourced businesses or providing financial support for businesses or projects.

Our not-for-profit status means that we can put our clients first, focusing on making a positive contribution to them and the cultural sector more widely, rather than chasing profits for shareholders.

Anything else? 

We make a commitment to all our clients that we will always: 

• Act professionally and discreetly 

• Agree clear deadlines for work and provide regular progress updates 

• Treat our clients equally 

• Be fair in everything we do 

• Welcome feedback and strive to deliver the best possible service

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