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Blood & Make up effects- Robert Smith

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11 Ashdown Gardens, Sanderstead, Surrey CR2 9DR

0208 651 1230


Specialist in the design, fabrication and application of prosthetics for the film, television and theatre industry for over 25 years.

Supplier of "industry standard" super-realistic fake blood.

Early in his career Rob Smith created prosthetic pieces for Robert Downey Jr. in Richard Attenborough's Chaplin and has since worked on everything from Blockbuster movies to TV series, commercials, Pop videos and prestigious West End shows (Andrew Lloyd-Webber's The Woman In White and The Wizard Of Oz included).

His artificial blood formulae are considered the best by makeup artists worldwide. 200 gallons were spilled in Saving Private Ryan!

Recent work includes creating and applying silicone prosthetics for Oscar winner Jim Broadbent in Filth.

Previous work includes werewolf transformation effects, ageing, casualty simulation, likeness, character and disguise make-ups, as well as the creation of props such as severed heads and limbs.

All aspects of prosthetic production are regularly undertaken:

Sculpting and mouldmaking
Running super soft/dense foam latex in third party moulds
Production of silicone appliances and props
Applying prosthetics on set