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Andrew James Photography

Andrew James is a London based headshot and portrait photographer. 

With years of experience as an actor he brings his knowledge of the industry to inform his unique style of photography capturing striking headshots that are vibrant, fresh and honest.

Running sessions from his base in South London, Andrew’s preference is for natural light as he finds this results in a more honest reflection of the individual. Shooting indoors and outdoors clients leave with a wide variety of images to choose from. The typical feedback he enjoys hearing is: “Andrew, there’s so much choice!”

Every shoot is a collaboration between artist and photographer. We all create our best work in a relaxed environment - which is why each session starts with a cup of tea and a discussion about life away from acting! Combining this approach with his unique perspective he works carefully to capture a sense of the actors personality, producing a series of visually engaging images.

Throughout the headshot session Andrew maintains a focus on the actors versatility, constructing shots that will showcase the individuals casting potential. He works collaboratively with clients by reviewing their images along the way to target certain looks and roles that they or their agents have specified. For those coming to a headshot session for the very first time he guides them through the process step by step, building their confidence to feel comfortable in front of the camera achieving nuanced shots that represent them authentically.

For more information and to make a booking please follow the website link above. For any further enquiries contact Andrew directly using the email address provided.


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