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A. Boville Wright Ltd

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127-128 High Street, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 1DJ


Bovilles Art Shops supply Art Materials & Equipment, Copying service and Business supplies; we are also official distributor of Vectorworks to the Film & TV Industry, discounted for BFDG members and UK production companies.
Our comprehensive stocks of art and design supplies keep up with the needs of your Art Department, Prosthetics, Special FX, Props modelling, Costume Department, Locations and anyone with creative tendencies!
These days we can even sell or rent you a 3D Printer.

We've been suppliers to British films for many years: we must have supplied every "Bond" and dealt with Harry Potter from day one - just to mention two names out of the hundreds we have dealt with.

We are very pleased to be a sponsor member of the British Film Designers Guild.

Must go - lots of orders to deal with and we know you need your stuff urgently!

Services offered:

•Art Department Supplies