The MultiDropper, such a simple idea, brought to you as a reliable compact unit, after many hours of painstaking development.  What is it?  A cardboard tube with holes in, filled with the media that you want to drop; snow, petals, confetti, feathers, rice.  The tube sits on 4 wheels which rotate causing the media to tumble in the tube and fall out of the holes.

We’ve made the machines so that they are silent in operation, 21 machines used at ENO during an opera couldn’t be heard in the acoustically critical environment and similarly with 29 machines at the Royal Albert Hall for BRB’s Nutcracker.


We’ve fitted a blind to close when not in use to catch any stray media trying to escape and ruin a crucial scene.  The blind rolls up, holding any stray media when the cue is given.

We’ll work with you to create just the right effect whether it be Green Shield stamps or Dollar bills, our unique laser cutter can prepare any hole size or pattern just for you.

So whether it’s the snow effect as seen in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, a hailstorm in M**beth at the Old Vic, a simple rain effect for Angels in America at the RNT or a glitzy glitter effect for your fashion show, we can perfect your falling media.

The idea came up when trying to shower confetti at the end of a wedding scene in a small-scale show.  A small wooden box, a piece of drainpipe, a motor and an elastic band allowed the hole punching’s to fall.  Then I used one of those old sausage vacuum cleaners that blows as well as sucks which pushed air through the box and out of a hose directed over the actors.

So when asked to create a method of dropping petals in the horseshoe shape of the Chichester Festival Theatre’s stage, this confetti machine model sprang to mind.  Those first machines were very basic but proved the principle.  From there, we have reduced the size and weight while increasing the volume of media that can be dropped.  The shutter has been added and fold-down hook clamps for reduced travel volume.

These machines are high spec, so not cheap to build.  That’s why we’ve set up a hire business so you only have the machines when you need them.  We can also help you with a large variety of tubes, swapping for a different size if the effect isn’t quite right.  But why not pop up to our workshop near Cambridge with a sample of your media and we’ll demo for you and work out the best solution. 



'MultiDropper' is a trading name of 'Set-up (Scenery) ltd.'

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