Insurance can be perceived as a fairly dry subject at the best of times and I’m sure you don’t get too excited as your renewal date for your motor, home or business policy approaches. More typically, it gets left to the last minute, little attention is given to the policy, inertia takes over and renewal is processed with the existing provider… and the job is complete until next year!

But, as I’m sure you will expect me to add, that’s not the right approach!

It is imperative that your insurance cover, whether it be for your car, house and contents, or business liability, should accurately reflect your requirements.  If it doesn’t and you cut corners in arranging your insurance by not providing the correct information or not fully understanding what your cover provides, you run the risk of not being paid the benefits you might expect at the time of a claim.  

So, how do you achieve this as effectively as possible?

Most importantly, and once again you would expect me to add this, you use an insurance broker.  You can of course arrange most types of insurance through comparison websites or directly from insurers. This has the benefit of being straightforward to use and your policy can be arranged in minutes without you speaking to anyone or getting up from your chair.  There is however a danger that it’s too easy – you quickly input the answers requested on the screen in front of you without fully understanding their significance or how best to answer, don’t fully consider the policy and cover provided and pay the money – but at least it’s “job done”.

The entertainment profession is very much one which is perceived as “high risk” by insurance companies, resulting in a limited choice of insurers and products available.  

A broker who specialises in the entertainment profession will have a wider range of specialist insurers accessible to them to provide appropriate cover at competitive rates. In addition you can rest assured that the information upon which your insurance is based will be comprehensive and accurate, as the broker will ask you all the appropriate questions.

In terms of the final result, using a broker should always be more effective than dealing with an insurer direct. You will have to invest some time, but at the end of the process you should be able to rest safe in the knowledge that you have the cover you need at a fair price. So when the worst happens and you need to rely on your insurance for a claim, there are no unpleasant surprises. 

Finally, and not wishing to disappoint in terms of my adding something you would expect me to, that’s where we can help. Here at Equity insurance Services, we have been providing insurance solutions to members of the entertainment profession for over 30 years. We have those key relationships needed with specialist insurers to assist with a wide variety of policy requirements, specifically and especially, motor, home, travel, liability, event and more.  We also have a friendly and experienced staff team ready to assist with all your requirements – you still don’t have to get up from your chair and we’ll do all the work for you! 

Richard McEwen


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