Being a triple threat is a tough business. In order to remain bookable in the incredibly competitive world of theatre and entertainment, you’ve got to be at the top of your game in three incredibly difficult fields, all at the same time. 

Once formal training is over, access to professional teachers and coaches can be hard to come by. It can be a slog to keep those skills as polished as they need to be in order to ace the next audition. 

But there are plenty of ways to ensure that you are continually developing your craft, from ensuring you have the right equipment, to working with professionals on tip-top technique. One of the best ways to keep learning and improving is through one-on-one coaching, whether that’s in singing, acting or dance. 

Singing tutors are an incredibly useful way to maintain good technique, as well as pushing what your voice can do. They can make sure you’re keeping your voice healthy and strong so that even the lethal combination of a nasty cold and a two show day won’t stop you from belting the hell out of an unexpected high C. 

As well as using your voice to sing, it is the most important tool when it comes to acting, too. Acting tutors and voice coaches provide a good way of learning how to make the most of your voice, from breathing properly, to standing correctly, to projecting every perfectly enunciated line all the way to the back row of the upper circle. 

When it comes to dance, it’s incredibly important to stay fit and not to let your skills, nor your feet slip. That might involve a daily fitness regime, or regular dance classes with a dance coach. 

But dancing can sometimes require specialist equipment, too, such as dance shoes, dancewear, and other dance accessories. It can be difficult to know where to source it. Looking for dance suppliers is much easier with a theatre directory like The Stage’s. 

That rare breed of quadruple threat who can play an instrument, too, might want to find a music teacher, but whether it’s adding a string to your bow or cultivating the talents you already have, The Stage Directory makes it easy to keep learning and developing. 

Not only is it an ideal resource for performers looking to develop their craft, but performing arts teachers and coaches of all kinds, and specialist suppliers can advertise their services too.

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