Andrew Wright : 5 tips for aspiring choreographers

Andrew-Wright Andrew Wright
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Andrew Wright is an award-winning director and choreographer, whose work has been staged worldwide. His current projects include Half a Sixpence and Five Guys Named Moe in London, as well as Nativity, which is touring the UK, and a new production of Mary Poppins that opens in Italy next year.

1. Have a style of your own

Create your own style. It is important as an emerging creative to have a unique style of your own. Try not to imitate others but instead celebrate your own individual skills.

2. Steep yourself in theatre

See as much theatre as possible. In both good and not-so-good work there is always something to learn. Even if it’s just one piece of knowledge, it was worth the ticket price!

3. Be prepared to work hard

You have to put in a lot of work in the early days for what may seem little return. For my first two years as a choreographer I earned very little, but getting my name and my work out there was more important. It did involve sacrifices, but it was worth it in the end.

4.Make yourself pleasant to work with

This seems like basic advice but be nice. Everyone likes to employ happy, considerate and hardworking people. Try to avoid conflict and concentrate on being a team player.

5. Be persistent

Finally – and most importantly – don’t give up on your goals. Everyone will tell you it is an impossibly hard career and throw statistics at you of how you’re more likely to be out of work than in. I tried not to listen to those people and set my heart on becoming a West End choreographer. I am living, middle-aged proof it can happen. Don’t give up on your dreams.