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Published Friday 30 January 2004 at 15:50 by Paul Vale

Grant enlists the aid of his friend Caroline to take some nude pictures so that he might enhance his profile on His flatmate Carlos, a Spanish nudist, has endless success with his site while even his neighbour with the Shirley Bassey fixation appears to get a fair share of the virtual action. Take his new, very young flatmate, who manages to trigger a whole evening of mistaken identity and bizarre farce.

Daffydd Gwyn Howells plays the prissy Grant with great enthusiasm but occasionally pushes too hard at the humour. Madelaine Moore is the fag-hag neighbour to whom the mysteries of internet profiles are explained. The writers use this character well as an exposition ploy and Moore appears to relish her status, dominating her fellow characters like an ebullient Dorothy on the throne of Oz.

Andrew Whitlaw as the indignant neighbour gives a rather poignant performance of the ageing - over 40! - gay man with a chip on his shoulder while Matt Stacy as his new flatmate seems, at turns, to be either very relaxed in his role or highly embarrassed. Paul Sugars manages to garner much attention as the nudist, Muscle Mary Carlos. Thankfully little of it is focused on his acting ability.

Economy is needed in this production. The script is amusing and the action, at times, hysterical. There is no real need to push so hard for the laughs as the targeted audience will get them. Economy should also be used with the nudity as it simply distracted from the story.

Production information

Oval House Theatre, London

January 4-February 8
Jeff Moody & Simon Peek
Jeff Moody
Simon Peek
Madelaine Moore, Daffydd Gwyn Howells, Matt Stacy, Paul Sugars, Andrew Whitlaw
Running time:
1hr 50mins

Production information displayed was believed correct at time of review. Information may change over the run of the show.

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Run sheet

King's Head, Islington London
January 24-February 15 2014