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Fulfil Me Fully, Phil

Published Friday 30 November 2012 at 10:49 by Honour Bayes

Fulfil Me Fully, Phil is another curiosity from author and director Sebastian Rex. Populating the stage with social stereotypes - the Baker, the Husband - Rex’s expressionistic style takes much from Georg Buchner, whose Woyzeck he produced at New Diorama earlier this year. However Fulfil Me Fully, Phil is a much blunter instrument - religion is the order of the day and Rex is carving it up.

We are welcomed into a black and white town by two cartoonish Whores. Soon the square is full of such caricatures, all speaking in monologues about their societal roles, and all dogged by the disappointment that haunts their maker - Phil.

Phil (a charmingly hapless Rhys Lawton) is not the Almighty of popular imagining. Rather he is a lonely man, sporting a purple dressing gown and some rather fetching feather slippers, who has given form to the voices in his head.

In each tortured character Rex tries to give voice to the conflicting needs and wants of humanity, while showing how ridiculous the idea of a ‘God’ who gave them to us is. But his rhetoric never gains traction and it’s impossible to connect with any of these beings for long enough to be engaged in his argument.

Production information

The Space, London, November 27-December 15

Sebastian Rex
Sebastian Rex
Mari Rettedal-Westlake
Cast includes:
Matt Lord, Ed Sheridan, Kate Sandison, Julie Ross, Rhys Lawton, Clare Harlow
Running time:

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Run sheet

King's Head, Islington London
January 24-February 15 2014