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Not Until We Are Lost

Published Friday 21 September 2012 at 11:07 by Honour Bayes

Inspired by the Henry David Thoreau quote “Not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves,” aerialist theatre company Ockham’s Razor’s new show, Not Until We Are Lost, sees them leaping through chasms of loneliness to find one another in a rich mixture of duets, group pieces and solo work.

A scene from Not Until We Are Lost at Artsdepot, London

A scene from Not Until We Are Lost at Artsdepot, London Photo: Tristram Kenton

In a promenade set-up, a wide-eyed audience is encouraged to find unique positions to view these journeys and create our own. Phil Supple’s imaginative lighting turns functional wires and walls into pieces of art, while Bicat & Rigby’s gigantic structure of metal monkey bars, poles and bars sits like a dormant beast.

It is brought alive to the sound of harpist Ruth Wall’s assured accompaniment and the delicate vocals of a choir - drawn from the local community - rising and falling to Graham Fitkin’s haunting score. Aural discordance and melody intertwine as assuredly as the performers do.

Above us, a philosophical subject matter is made flesh in an athletic display of circus. Not Until We Are Lost is not as intellectually rigorous as it is physically. But though it only scratches the surface of Thoreau’s quote, Ockham’s Razor’s unique blend of robust poetry leaves a beautiful scar.

Production information

Artsdepot, London, September 18-September 23, then touring until June 2

Ockham's Razor
Ockham's Razor
Turtle Key Arts
Cast includes:
Alex Harvey, Tina Koch, Luke Horley, Haike Irina Amelia Stollbrock, Ruth Hall
Running time:

Production information displayed was believed correct at time of review. Information may change over the run of the show.

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Run sheet

King's Head, Islington London
January 24-February 15 2014