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Jarlath Regan: Nobody Knows Jarlath Regan

Published Friday 10 August 2007 at 17:45 by Thom Dibdin

Playing on his own supposed sense of insecurity, Irish stand-up Jarlath Regan is more self-effacing than in-yer-face. He has the enthusiasm of a basset hound puppy, flapping around the stage, hoping to please everyone and captivate them with that yearning look in his eyes. He has the skill to achieve it, too, and overcome the slightly hit-and-miss level to his comic material.

Regan tends to be at the heart of all his stories although - with his knack for observation, he is not at the centre of attention. He’s there as he equates Ireland’s love for the drink with her government’s recent penchant for anti-drink advertisements - not just as the storyteller and pointer-out of punch lines, but as the wide-eyed, innocent representative of all his countrymen.

The real success of the show is down to Regan’s conversational manner, talking about how he was unsuited to his office job or the paucity of news in most popular news outlets. It works even better as he introduces his visual aids - bizarre greetings cards he has drawn, complete with inappropriate messages, or the warped sense of right and wrong from the stories in rural newspapers.

Production information

Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh, August 1-27

Jarlath Regan
Lisa Richards Ltd, EdCom7
Jarlath Regan
Running time:
1 hr

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King's Head, Islington London
January 24-February 15 2014