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The musician and composer of choice for the generation of Comic Strip comedians, Simon Brint was a leading (if doggedly low-key) figure in the alternative comedy scene of the eighties.

He was no less in demand in the less anarchic world of children’s television and prime-time drama, responsible for an arrangement of the Blue Peter theme (1989-94) and music for shows as diverse as Monarch of the Glen and London’s Burning.

Born in High Ham, Somerset, on September 26, 1950, after graduating from Reading University he worked at the Blitz Club in London where he met drummer Roland Rivron and pianist Rod Melvin, the trio becoming the regular band for the Comic Strip club in 1980.

With Rivron he formed Raw Sex – a failing father and son club act – finding unexpected fame as regular guests on the French and Saunders show, for which he also wrote many of the set piece musical pastiches. Throughout the eighties and nineties he wrote music for a who’s who of new wave comedians as they made their way on to television, including Lenny Henry, Ben Elton, Ruby Wax, Rob Newman and David Baddiel, and, from 1992-2004, all 36 episodes of Absolutely Fabulous.

In 2004 he composed music for Makutano Junction, a popular TV soap opera in Kenya, where he was also involved in supporting and developing new musicians. His most recent work was on last year’s Ronnie Barker tribute, The One Ronnie.

He committed suicide on May 29, 2011, at the age of 60, and is survived by his wife.

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