Equity and Vogue sign code of conduct for models on photo shoots

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Equity and British fashion magazine Vogue have signed the first code of conduct for models to ensure their fair treatment during photo shoots in studios and on location.

The Equity Ten Point Code of Conduct, which includes guidelines on working hours, insurance cover and payment, states that models will not have to work for more than ten hours in one day and are entitled to a break of at least 15 minutes every four hours.

The rules also state that models under the age of 16 will not be used in photo shoots representing adult models and that no nudity or semi-nudity will be required for those in that age bracket.

Consideration will be given to what the model is wearing on a photo shoot and temperatures should be adjusted accordingly, the guidelines add.

Members of Equity’s Models Committee drew up the code in response to the treatment they have received when working on photo shoots.

Equity opened its membership to models in 2007 and since then has produced employment guidelines for models working at catwalk events such as London Fashion Week.

Dunja Knezevic, chair of Equity’s Models Committee, said: “Signing up to Equity’s Ten Point Code truly shows British Vogue’s dedication to improving the working conditions of models. We hope that other magazines and publishing houses, retailers and designers will also understand the importance of protecting models in the workplace, sign up to the code and prevent treatment of the kind which would be wholly unacceptable in any other profession.”


  1. What about when models turn up to shoots pissed / on drugs? Is there a code of conduct for that?

  2. From my own experience I think an hour of break is not enough for a 9 hour strenuous physical work such as posing for the lookbook or ecommerce stuff.

  3. Hi Irmina,

    Just to let you know, the piece has been amended as the signed Code of Conduct actually states that models will be entitled to a minimum 15-minute break every four hours.

    Apologies for any confusion, this information was passed on to us after we had already posted the story online.


  4. It is a great pity that Equity has done little or nothing about models trying to enter the industry, who get scammed every day by those purporting to ‘kick-start’ their careers. Tens of thousands are scammed each year. Ask any successful model and I am sure that almost everyone of them have been scammed at some point in their career. In June I am launching an awareness campaign for both models & performers, nationwide, highlighting the growing number of crooked agencies out there. Some charging up to £3,000 for worthless portfolios…

    It is time we told everyone the truth on this issue…


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