Casting service PCR to close

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Theatre and television casting service PCR has announced it is to close after 45 years.

Production and Casting Report was formed in 1968 and has provided a website and weekly newsletter with “auditions, castings and crew calls in the world of film, television and theatre”.

Subscribers, including actors and casting directors, were informed that it was closing at the end of last month via an email, in which PCR’s publisher, Wilmington Publishing and Information Ltd, explained the service was “no longer viable”.

Doug Marshall, publishing director at Wilmington, told The Stage: “The people who subscribe to PCR like the print edition, but we can see that the product won’t be profitable going forward. We would rather cease publication while we still have a good reputation and a good product in terms of quality of information.”

He added: “We have had emails from people saying how sad it is. Like many publications, although PCR has a website, it is best known for its print edition, and there are very few publications with rising print circulation.

“PCR is in that situation where there are fewer subscribers to it than there once were.”

The newsletter dated February 25 was the final printed edition of the service, while the website will remain operating this month with “archive content”.

Casting directors who subscribed to the service have been invited to transfer their membership to Production Intelligence, also part of Wilmington.

However, there is no alternative being offered to actor

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  1. The writing is also on the wall for printed casting directories!

    The Internet has come of age, but will those cost savings filter through to performers. I very much doubt it…

    ‘Spotlight’ is part of the old regime. Will it survive in it present form?

    “Spotlight monopoly”

    I do not like monopolies…

    I do not like agencies that dictate that I must pay an up-front fee – to a third part – otherwise I will not be represented.

    Call me old fashioned, but I think I have the right to decide if I want to go into a particular casting directory.

    I choose to be in Castingcallpro. No one is going to blackmail me into using a duplicate directory – run by a monopoly.

    Agents should not have a right to demand this. Most agents do however. I happen to think this is wrong. I have told the government this, very recently.

    We should all have the choice…

    Currently there is no choice!

    I am not going to keep these ‘fat cats’ in their luxury lifestyles. They are multimillionaires – at our expense.

    Most performers do not share my view. They want to keep the status quoi as it is. Their idea is, if it works, don’t fix it.

    Well I do not subscribe to this. Anyone can set up a casting directory on the Internet. What was fine in 1927, may not be fine in 2015…

    The Internet has matured. Paper is redundant. If hirers want paper, then let them pay 100% of the cost. Performers should no longer subsidise ‘paper’ directories.

    Agents should no longer demand up-front fees to third parties… It is anticompetitive!

    That is my view on this industry. Forget the past, you cannot change the past. However, you can change the future…


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