West End to benefit from more coach parking

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Theatres in London’s West End are set to benefit from a new coach parking scheme introduced by Westminster City Council.

Space for 24 new coach bays have been created in Kingsway within metres of Drury Lane and the Strand by re-modelling of existing kerb and road spaces in an attempt to alleviate traffic and parking problems in the area and offer greater access to the West End. It is thought that as many as 40% of theatregoers arrive in the area by coach.

Supported by theatres and coach operators, the scheme will offer bays at a flat rate of £4 per hour from 10am to 4pm and from 7pm to 11pm, with a maximum stay of four hours.

Coach drivers will also be entitled to discounted drinks and food in a nearby cafe.

Mark Rubinstein, president of the Society of London Theatre, said: “We are delighted to have this valuable new facility, so close to the West End.  We want to ensure that the joy and magic of London theatre is accessible to audiences across the country, and this is a great example of a scheme that will open up the West End for thousands of theatre-goers every year.”


  1. Thanks Gracie. I probably msiesd this analysis somewhere else as I quit reading the DC Libarary soap. Did anybody do the total math on the cost of the Parking Lot -Demo plus lost property taxes on3 homes? (I’m not a City Manger expert so just guessing here).S0 Home Values let’s call it Three houses at @120k = $360kThree House Demo/Engineer-Analysis/Mangement/ etc etc $100kPut up a parking lot blacktop/eqpt/architect/Mangement .$250k?Conservative $3350 prop tax per house = $10k lost ANNUALLY FOREVER, (unless the Funeral Home is picking some of that up.)$360k 3 houses + 100K demo + $250k blacktop = $710k plus $10k in lost property tax annually FOREVER.And THAT might be the cheapest way to Put up a Parking Lot h/t Joni Mitchell. Didn’t the brick one cost $1 mil?Looks like the Haish Memorial Library just might make that 100 years in 2031? (and by then it will be all Ipads:)

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