DCMS to move into Treasury to help make 50% admin savings

Natalie Woolman

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport is to move into the Treasury’s building, The Stage has learned.

The DCMS will move out of its current headquarters in Cockspur Street in London and into the building shared by the Treasury and HM Revenue and Customs at 100 Parliament Street in Westminster next March.

A spokesman for the department said: “The DCMS has been asked to make 50% administrative savings as part of the government-wide work to help balance the economy. Reducing staff numbers means that, once the Olympics are over, we can move to smaller and less expensive accommodation. By putting all staff on a single floor, we hope to be able to work more efficiently and with greater flexibility.”

Earlier this year, culture minister Ed Vaizey was forced to respond to rumours that the DCMS was set to be abolished. At that time, he told The Stage: “DCMS is becoming an ever more influential department, helping shape the debate in Whitehall on how technology will change and shape our lives.”

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