Bourne to unite amateurs in ‘big’ Lord of the Flies ballet

The Stage

Choreographer Matthew Bourne is planning a “super-production” of his Lord of the Flies ballet at Sadler’s Wells in 2013, with a cast featuring male amateur performers from around the UK, writes Matthew Hemley.

Bourne’s Lord of the Flies originally ran in Glasgow earlier this year, where the choreographer worked with a group of local young men and boys who were new to dance and who appeared alongside professional performers in the ballet.

Now Bourne is planning to expand on the original project by staging a version of the show that will feature young men and boys from up to four cities.

The performers from each location will stage their own productions of the show in their respective areas, with Bourne then bringing them all together to rehearse for a large-scale version at Sadler’s Wells.

Bourne told The Stage this will see the dancers from each city appearing together, but also having their own sections to perform.

He said: “We think we will do it in three or four cities, with local kids from those cities. That will culminate with a summer production at Sadler’s Wells, which will bring all those casts together. So there will be a really big production of it.”

Bourne said the project will take a “lot of planning” in relation to liaising with local authorities and schools to source the young people who will take part.

He also said there will need to be a fundraising drive to enable to project to get off the ground.

Speaking about the original project in Glasgow, Bourne said: “It was a great experience, but really scary trying to make something like that work. We were expected to do a professional production – that was the brief – but with kids who had never been in a theatre before. It was all touch and go, but they came up trumps and were amazing.”

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