Asher and Evans to star in ITV1 royal drama

Jane Asher and Rupert Evans will star as members of a fictionalised royal family for a new ITV1 drama.

The Palace, made by independent production house Company Pictures, tells the story of what happens in the aftermath of the death of King James III.

His son, Richard, played by Evans, takes up the role of king of England, and the drama follows him as he deals with his alcoholic mother Charlotte, played by Asher, and those who would rather see him dethroned.

He also has to keep a watchful eye over his siblings and his secretary, Abigail, played by Zoe Telford, who is plotting to deceive the new king with a book about his life.

ITV said the drama “is the story of the first year of King Richard’s reign, as he deals with private insecurities and public expectations, with politicians, foreign dignitaries and religious leaders, with a secret mistress and a potential wife, with media intrusion and spin, with his somewhat traditionalist staff and with the turbulent family of which he is now the head.”

Controller of ITV Drama Sally Haynes said: “The Palace is the ultimate precinct drama which delights in exploring the upstairs/downstairs relationship between the royal family and their servants.”

It has been created and written by Tom Grieves, with Chris Lang, Charlotte Jones and Toby Whithouse. It will be filmed on location in Lithuania.

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