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City of Angels Donmar Warehouse, London

Theatre  This heavenly musical premiered on Broadway in 1989, bringing a decade of British domination of musicals there to an end.

Edgar and the Land of Lost Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter

Theatre  Brimming with creative and artistic ideas, this tightly-directed story lulls audiences into a strangely off-beat world.

Cinderella Mayflower Theatre, Southampton

Pantos  This is a refreshing, modern day Cinderella which still maintains the essentials in the storyline but is cleverly produced for today’s market.

Aladdin Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough

Pantos  Not content with gender-swapping as Mrs Bouncer in Cox and Box at the Stephen Joseph Theatre earlier this year, Paul Ryan dons a frock once more in Andrew Pollard’s modern take on the traditional tale of the lad with the magical lamp.

Sleeping Beauty The Spa, Bridlington

Pantos  This isn’t a pantomime that wastes time in getting going.

Sleeping Beauty Palace Theatre, Mansfield

Pantos  Princess Briar Rose was never really under threat and has already been restored to life by the interval in what is something of a cheerful nod to the story.

Cinderella SECC Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow

Pantos  The annual team-up of the Krankies and John Barrowman has served the SECC pantomime well - Barrowman and Janette Krankie have forged a sharp-witted partnership and the lavish spectacle of Qdos’ production makes this the most dynamic pantomime on the west coast of Scotland.

Aladdin Empire Theatre, Liverpool

Pantos  If anyone invents a gold standard for pantomime, this show would get close to reaching it.

Jack and the Beanstalk Theatre Royal, St Helens

Pantos  After Kurtis Stacey’s Jack slays the Giant and Linda Nolan’s Mrs Fleshcreep stops doing the ogre’s dirty work and leads the finale with I’m in the Mood For Dancing, everyone is guaranteed, as the song goes, to get “in the groove, babe”.

Aladdin Cresset, Peterborough

Pantos  The Benny Hill theme tune works wonders halfway through the first act of this John Newman production.