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Latest reviews

Journey’s End Watermill Theatre, Newbury

Theatre  With this year’s centenary of the First World War, authors such as RC Sherriff, Pat Barker, Sebastian Faulks and Stephen MacDonald are enjoying a revival of their dramatic works at theatres around the country.

Propaganda Swing Belgrade Theatre, Coventry

Theatre  Peter Arnott’s new play takes us into Berlin in 1939-40 and into the heart of a jazz band which has been offered a Faustian pact - the group can continue to play their favourite music but only as part of a Nazi broadcasting service aiming to undermine the British.

The Man Jesus Theatre Royal, Brighton

Theatre  Simon Callow’s one-man performance of 12 characters from the life of Jesus is a hybrid affair, as if Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads had been crossed with a medieval mystery play.

Hamlet Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Theatre  To be Hamlet, or to be Hamlette? Wearing big baggy breeches and a natty, cropped choirboy haircut, there is no question that Maxine Peake brings a breath of fresh androgynous air to her red-hot interpretation of the most psychologically challenged of Shakespeare characters.

Sweeney Todd Twickenham Theatre

Theatre  A brand-new intimate fringe theatre above a pub in Twickenham gets off to a rousing and inspiring start with a musically and scenically stunning production of Sondheim’s bloody slasher musical.

Ballyturk Lyttelton, National, London

Theatre  Following their collaboration on the intense Misterman, Enda Walsh joins forces once again with Cillian Murphy in a play that sees them dancing and darting across familiar thematic ground without quite resorting to parody.

Otello Coliseum, London

Opera  David Alden returns to English National Opera with a deracinated Otello that moves the action forward to the 1920s, suggested by Jon Morrell’s period costumes.

Anna Nicole Royal Opera House, Covent Garden

Opera  Since its 2011 Royal Opera House world premiere, Mark-Anthony Turnage’s operatic treatment of the tragic life-story of Texan Playboy model and TV personality Anna-Nicole Smith, who died in 2007, has been staged in New York and Dortmund, and now returns for its first London revival.

BalletBoyz - The Talent Linbury Studio Theatre, London

Dance  More tightly integrated than their previous outing, there is an organic, holistic feel to this triple bill, as if each choreographer worked from the same blueprint.

The Wolf from the Door Jerwood Theatre Upstairs, Royal Court, London

Theatre  Rory Mullarkey’s tricky new play contains passages which are rallying, angry and necessary, but it also seems wedded to an absurdist mode of expression which ends up undermining its raw, odd energy.