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20) How do I get on Eastenders/soaps?

The BBC answer this question on the official Eastenders website.

For auditions they don't normally hold open auditions - they cast from agents who they regularly work with.
The BBC state that all actors must be trained, although they do say they cast through drama schools occasionally.

Auditions for Eastenders are strictly by invitation only. The BBC also offer help on how to get into acting.

Previous actors state they got their roles on Eastenders in a number of ways:
Scarlett Johnson (Vicki Fowler) said she's a member of a workshop which was where she was discovered - she was then invited to audition.

James Alexandrou (Martin Fowler) says he got the part through a drama group (Anna Schers) he was involved with.

Christopher Parker (Spencer Moon) and John Altman (Nick Cotton) say they got the audition through their agents - which seems to be the most popular answer.

Frankie Fitzgerald (Ashley Cotton) said he sent some pictures to the BBC and got a phonecall 8 months later asking him along for an audition.