Scholarships ARE for people like us


One of last year’s scholarship winners comes from a town near where I grew up. No, I’m not going to say where, or give any clues.

She said to me: ”Things like scholarships don’t happen to people where I come from.”

Well they do. It doesn’t matter where you are from or if you’ve never had a dance lesson in your life - you can try for a scholarship. What counts is your talent, your ability. The selection panels at the many auditions for Stage scholarships are made up of experienced professionals who can spot ability and potential. They can tell if someone has the spark and determination to make something of a scholarship opportunity.

If they ask where you are from they’re just being polite. They’re not making any judgements. And – they’ll want to know where you are from in order to to keep in touch with you.

[pullquote]it doesn’t matter where you are from or indeed what you are wearing. What matters is your ability.[/pullquote]

It isn’t too late to apply for a scholarship to start in September at some of the participating colleges. Have a look, right now, at their details on this page. Or – do you know of someone who could benefit from a scholarship ? Tell them and you could be helping to launch a great career.

When you go to an audition it doesn’t matter where you are from or indeed what you are wearing. What matters is your ability.

I know of a girl who auditioned for a training scheme with a top ballet company. She had nothing suitable to wear so she borrowed her brother’s football kit – she got on to the training scheme and she’s thriving.

She came from, let’s say a rough part of a big city. But it didn’t stop her. I’ve seen her dancing and she’s good. So much so that people are changing their views of where she comes from.


  1. Hi Richard don’t get me wrong: I don’t believe we have a moral obgolatiin to pay for other people’s problems either. As a fellow EvFitter, part of me very much is in tune with the philosophy you outline. But there is another part of me which is a pragmatist, and looks at the world with a we are where we are’ attitude. It’s that side of me that would like to see more regulation etc because ultimately it affects how much money my government has available to spend on me, my loved ones and (as it happens) the rest of the country (in my case the UK.)

  2. Hey Ann,Congratulations on the birthday! Don\’t be too hard on yoersulf. At least you recognize when things start creeping before they spiral out of control. I\’m in the same boat and the sick kids and lack of gym time don\’t help. I\’m giving my self permission to recuperate and start flying again next week .

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