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The Gamblers

Selma Dimitrijevic flaunts the deceptions of her artfully cruel production of Gogol’s The Gamblers for Greyscale and Dundee Rep. Her all-female cast don their male attire onstage, in what looks like a gymnasium changing room.
The adaptation and gender-blur bring a heightened contemporary resonance, even though it is clearly set in Gogol’s original timeframe. The gang of gambler con-artists could...

A Harlem Dream

In a mixed programme largely made up of conceptual contemporary choreography Harlem Dream is an enticing offering.
The audience enters into an intimate revue bar setting to sounds of soft jazz, gilded art deco designs, dancers loitering, smoking in corners and a body sprawled on the floor centre stage.
A strong narrative unfolds about two guys, Sal and Mo, striving...


It took Hairspray, the 2003 Tony winner for best musical, five years to reach London and now Memphis, the 2010 winner, has taken the same amount of time to transfer here since it first opened on Broadway in September 2009. And they’ve both made their home at the Shaftesbury, arguably London’s unluckiest musical house, but whose fortunes Hairspray happily turned...

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Hamlet by Harry Venning for week 43, 2014




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    • As Not Going Out returns to BBC1, Katy Wix tells Matthew Hemley why she swapped her RSC dreams for a life of comedy
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    • "It's a well known fact that I run the National Theatre." The Stage finds out what makes stage door keepers tick
The Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond, London. Photo: Noel Foster