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Private View

A feisty feminist exploration of our image-obsessed media...

Linwood No More

A one-man play about homelessness that reminds us it could happen to any of us...

The Ring Cycle Plays - The Rhine Gold/The Valkyrie/Siegfried/Twilight of the Gods

Given that – including intervals – the play in its entirety has a four-and-a-half-hour running time, it is astonishing how fresh and fast-paced it feels throughout.
The four distinct stories surrounded by intervals provide audience members with the opportunity to pick and choose how long they stay, but witnessing all four together, as the sun goes down over the Tower...


A surprisingly sweet comedy about a sexually frustrated couple’s decision to engage in a threesome, Irish company Rough Magic’s Jezebel stimulates plenty of laughs but lacks the salacious bite its subject matter intimates.
Looking to spice things up in the bedroom to save their otherwise perfect relationship, Alan and Robin decide to scour the local night-club for their plus-one prey....

Muswell Hill

After the critical success of last year’s Invicible at the Orange Tree Theatre and later the St James, Torben Betts’ 2012 hit is given a welcome revival at the fringe venue that showcased some of his early writing. A specialist in the sturm-und-drang of middle-class life, Betts’ Muswell Hill witnesses what is arguably the most horrendous social gathering since Leigh’s...

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Hamlet by Harry Venning for week 34, 2014




Orwell meets the Arab Spring at a city farm

This is a good idea I wish I’d heard about earlier: stage a gritty new theatrical production of an Orwell classic at a working farm, using it as a springboard for students and new graduates….

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