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Out of the Cage

The pursuit of equal rights and pay by a group of east London female munitions workers during the First World War is brought to life in an informal, almost confidential setting.
The women are meeting in private to discuss possible strike action – a bold, controversial move at a time when most of the men in their lives are fighting...

The Arden BA (hons) Musical Theatre Graduate Showcase 2015

Laura Warwick opens this student showcase solo with confidence and class, her gentle yet assertive soprano gradually supported by the company for the rousing Eastwick Knows, immediately highlighting the two strengths of this graduating year – character and chorus work.
Paige Spurgeon and Ben Millerman launch into the catchy That’s Your Funeral, which, while thoughtfully paced, seems a little misdirected...

Theatre Re: Blind Man's Song

A blend of physical theatre, mime, dance, music and illusion, Theatre Re’s latest work is a heady concoction – it looks like a Samuel Beckett play designed by Magritte.
In a dark room containing just a bed and a piano, a blind musician conjures up a fantasy doppelganger – dressed similarly in shabby trench coat and bowler hat – and...

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Hamlet by Harry Venning for week 04, 2015




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    Exclusively in the January 22 issue of The Stage
    • Sting tells Mark Shenton about the challenges of putting on his first Broadway show
    • Penelope Wilton talks to Al Senter about returning to the stage and why it’s the script that matters in her choice of roles
    • Matthew Hemley chats with director Rob Marshall about bringing Sondheim’s Into the Woods to life on screen
    • James Doeser tells The Stage about his new report on the history of arts policy for children and young people