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Angela Lake
Film (student)
East of England, South East England
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Robert Lake
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Nat Marley
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Theatre (Fringe)
Greater London, Scotland
Theatre (Fringe)
Greater London, Scotland
Theatre (Fringe)
Greater London, Scotland
Theatre (Fringe)
Greater London, Scotland
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Hoke's Bluff

The quarterback of the Hoke’s Bluff American football team has one shot to seize the day – one more throw of the dice, one more ‘play’.
He and his small-town teammates – alongside the inspiring “Coach” and his cheerleader girlfriend – carry the cliches of American sports films like the kits they wear. But Gemma Paintin and James Stenhouse, the...


The dwindling numbers of audience members returning to their seats after parts one and two of Rambert’s triple bill, speaks volumes.
It’s a shame as the last piece, Shobana Jeyasingh’s Terra Incognita is one of the most engaging, but by that time almost entire rows had disappeared. Not because the dancing or choreography is bad – the problem is repetition....

Juno and the Paycock

The shabby was too chic for some when Dublin’s Abbey Theatre (in a 2011 co-production with the National) evoked the city’s 1920s tenements with glistening, painterly effects. Listeners to this new radio production of the 1924 stage classic won’t be making notes on aspirational interiors. The Boyles’ home reeks of indigence and fried sausage – an exhausted, threadbare backdrop to...

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Hamlet by Harry Venning for week 47, 2014




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    Exclusively in the November 20 issue of The Stage
    • The Young Vic's David Lan talks about how collaborative approaches are changing theatre for the better
    • Is Lindsay Lohan a good actress? @WestEndProducer gets to grips with the thorny issue of celebrity casting
    • In a technical training special of The Half, we explore the skills, attitudes and expectations of the engine room of theatre
    • "Being an actor is tough and it infantilises you." Jamie Glover takes off his directing hat to return to the stage in An Ideal Husband
    • Why isn't more being done to promote young philanthropy in the performing arts? Matt Trueman looks at the schemes trying to tap into donors at an earlier age
    • Plus interviews with Croatian playwright Tena Stivicic and Belgian theatre company Ontroerend Goed's artistic director Alexander Devriendt