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Theatre (Child / TIE)
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Theatre (Musical)
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Theatre (Musical)
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In contrast to the amazing special effects and explosions you will find in most children’s films and video games, the opening scene of Rubbish feels a little mundane, as four individuals dressed in protective overalls scurry around a rubbish dump searching for treasures hidden among the trash.
Largely dialogue-free, especially at the start, it takes a while to get going,...


Of all the performing arts, dance exhibits the greatest degree of sexuality. Whether it is the amused detachment of Ashton, the pathological passion of MacMillan or the raucous, carnal mischief of Cranko, sex is always present in the display of bodies in architectural motion.
But Boris Eifman takes this to new depths. Stripped of sophistication and allusion, the Russian choreographer’s...

She Stoops to Conquer

Gilded picture frames flamboyantly set off this rich comic gem, instantly placing the story’s fulsome and decorative characters in period context. Inventively deployed in Creative Cow’s fine revival of Goldsmith’s classic play, they enhance entrances, capture intimate conversations and hide eavesdroppers.
Played at a swift pace and with a light touch, with dialogue clearly articulated, the comedy throughout Goldsmith’s play...

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Hamlet by Harry Venning for week 16, 2014




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    Exclusively in the April 17 issue of The Stage
    • Thom Dibdin catches up with actor and playwright David Haig
    • Nick Smurthwaite interviews Russian polymath Andrei Konchalovsky
    • playwright Mike Bartlett talks to Matt Trueman
    • Honour Bayes talks to some of the key players behind the RSC's Roaring Girls season
    • Liz Arratoon meets current Queen Ratling Rosalie Kirkman
    • AK Bennett-Hunter previews this year's PLASA Focus event in Leeds